Smart Human AI

Simulating connected and smart cities with augmented pedestrians.

We are a multidisciplinary research program based at the University of Melbourne. We develop human AI models within connected cities, including pedestrians, public transport, cars, bicycles, intersections and traffic control systems.

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Internet of Brain. IoB can well describe the initial form of interaction between thinking space and cyberspace. IoB is considered to be the beginning of the fusion of these two spaces.

Neural Network

Machine Learning. Convolutional, recurrent, attention and LTSM neural networks.

A comprehensive, flexible ecosystem of tools, libraries and community resources that we make use of for state-of-the-art machine learning.

Trams on a busy city street.

Transit AI. Trams. Trains. Buses.

User interface is intuitively designed to make it extremely easy for the untrained user to quickly create and analyze environments, with capabilities ranging anywhere from public transport stations to airports, sports venues and whole cities.

Human AI. Pedestrians.

Easily create environments to generate simulations across a wide range of scenarios using the sophisticated AI models based on real world data to test and design commercial plans to enhance city management, throughput and safety.

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