Smart Crowd Model

Smart Crowd Model is a sophisticated foot traffic simulation, modelling and analysis tool.

Intuitively designed to make it extremely easy to quickly create and analyse pedestrian and crowd environments

Multimodal Public Transport
Traffic Based Wayfinding
Advanced Multilevel Behaviour

Easy-to-use Interface

The software has been designed to be an all-in-one tool that make it easy for any untrained user to jump right in and start creating simulation environments. Developed using the powerful Unity engine, the graphical finesse and interactive nature of the software make it the extremely easy to use.

Scientifically Validated

Unlike other pedestrian simulation software, over 1000 real world data and experiments were utlised and formed the basis of the accurate understanding of people’s movement. This data fed directly into developing the most accurate algorithms.

Advanced Analysis Tools

Data visualisation tools make it easy to explore and analyse how pedestrians and crowds interact with the infrastructure, quantifying changes in design. Many different types of heatmaps and data color codes, as well as the ability to export all aspects of a finished simulation make it perfectly suitable for advanced analysis.

Precinct, Public Transport & Detour Modelling

The most complicated aspects of public transport, precinct modelling and detouring (e.g. shopping/wandering around) have been built into the software in an easy and interactive way.

Fire & Smoke Propagation

Our software has integrated the ability to use the world leading large-eddy simulation for fire and smoke propagation: Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). This gives the ability to directly measure the effects of design changes on emergency threat situations.

Normal/Emergency Behaviours

Two behaviour modes are easily switched via the click of a single button. Normal behaviour simulates pedestrians under normal low-speed walking conditions, whereas emergency mode changes the behavioural parameters to simulate high-speed emergency running conditions.

Recommended System Requirements

Smart Crowd Model is a computationally intense piece of software, and while it will run on lower end computers, for the best experience with simulation speeds and graphical fidelity, we recommend at least the following specifications:

Smart Crowd Model. 2022.4.0.

The user assumes all responsibility and liability for the software's results and any errors that may occur during its use.

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